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"Last one down buys the beers"? is the on-line directory of ski and snowboard lessons and programmes for women at over 250 resorts around the world. Snowsports instruction used to be the same for men and women. But now you have a choice; be exhilarated, not exasperated, on the slopes!



" " Snowsports programmes designed specifically for women; choose where? or when?
" " Instructors who understand that men and women learn in different ways

" " Develop skills, improve technique and have fun
" " For all ability levels, from beginners to expert skiers and riders
" " Positive and supportive learning environment helps to boost confidence
" " Camaraderie with women who share the same objectives

" " Read Feedback for comments on these programmes
" " See Questions and Answers for more information.





where? enables you to search for a programme that's right for you. Search for information by country (listed alphabetically):

" " over 170 resorts in Canada and USA
" " resorts in Europe, Australia and New Zealand
" " dry ski and indoor "snow" slopes in England and Scotland too.

female skier
© Ken Gallard
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Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico



You can search by date too. There's a variety of programmes on offer:

" " single days - some of these classes have male and female instructors; usually you have a choice
" " regular once a week lessons over several weeks
" " weekend or multi-day courses.



" " Do you want to ski or ride in control, whatever the conditions?
" " Are you stuck at a level and finding it difficult to improve?
" " Does fear hold you back sometimes, whatever your ability?
" " Are you ready for the challenge of moguls, or racing?
" " Do you want skiing/riding to be fun?

Answer yes to any of these? Me too.

In February 2000 I joined a women's programme in USA for 5 days and learnt the skills needed to overcome my fears. My skiing improved; it was an awesome experience. I'd recommend these classes to other women, whatever their ability level.

And here's some for the guys! Links to resorts that offer skiing/snowboarding lessons specifically for men.

Ski equipment specifically designed for women barely existed 20 years ago; now there's lots of choice. Many women's ski programmes include advice on equipment to help you choose the right products for fit, comfort, safety and performance.

We're continuing to add information - now there's details of snowsports events (eg snowshoe trips) for women.

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